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Gundog Training  

GUNDOG EQUIPMENT - Can be bought from me here at Waggtails. Please let me know what you would like to purchase details below.

Prices Dummy £12.00, Whistle £13.00 & Lanyard £10.00, Lead Rope £12 & £15.00

Welcome to Waggtails also known as Cheshire Gundog Training - A Training scheme with a difference! Not just for Labradors, Spaniels but for HPR Breeds Like my Bertie above, on the right-hand-side.

Group Classes £90.00 for 6 weeks courses

NEW DATE STARTING - ON SUNDAY IN 2020 WILL RUN FOR 6 WEEKS  CONSECUTIVELY Baby Puppies & Puppy's Beginners class TO Advanced- Please book Now to secure your place via this website, Hurry as places go quickly. INTERMEDIATE 10.30 - 11.30 THEN - BEGINNERS 12 NOON - 1pm 


This will be a small group setup with owners and their dogs learning basic gundog training having fun!

Beginners to advanced gundogs will have the opportunity to do The Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate (WGC). Please ask if you would like to do this assessment.

Baby Puppys Class     

12 weeks onwards this is called the "Early Bird" Class.

Beginners Class    

Where you can have the benefit of learning with all my Skill and experience. With me Denise At WAGGTAILS GUNDOGS

Puppy Beginners Class

From 6 months onwards, baby pups and pup beginners  With me DENISE

Privately Taught Lessons 1-2-1 for £40.00 an Hour      

Where you can have the benefit of learning with all my Skill and experience. With me Denise £40.00 an Hour's Training
I have created the scheme for those dog owners who happen to own working Gundog breeds and are interested in training their dog in aspects that they were bred to do! Whether you do the training for pure pleasure and fulfilment or to take your dog onto shoots or field trials I have the course that will help you achieve your goals

Having fun and meeting like-minded people (and their dogs!

  • Training that is specific to Gundog work - bringing the best out of your dog
  • Taking the opportunity to do The Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate you can find information on their website www.thekennelclub.org.uk - look for working dogs gundogs click on working gundogs certificate and that will be all the info for you Assessment on dummy's Take this opportunity it will be brilliant...I Have!
  • You can also purchase the Working Gundog Certificate Handbook from me for all information regarding this Assessment. If you are interested please give me a call or email from this site thank you.
  • It's proven that dogs bred to work need the stimulation that "working" brings - without it, you can have a frustrated destructive dog. Just taking a working dog to the park to run after a ball will physically drain them but not mentally tire them. Just see how long your dog rests peacefully after Waggtails gundog training session! Just training and working your dog in the gundog principles whether you want to go onto actual gundog work or not will give both of you so much pleasure. And a well-trained dog is a pleasure to own.
  • In Gundog work there are no grey areas - So in Waggtails training scheme, we have where you can excel in the assessment you are undertaking. My training schemes, you will see "grades", "pass" "merits" or "distinctions" - this simply means how well you have done in that assessment We have courses to introduce your dog to the right level of training and have strict rules of entry - you don't want to be on a course of mixed ability otherwise you'll be bored or frustrated, not to mention how your dog will feel.
Give me a call to discuss your ability level so that we can put you in the right class.

Baby Puppies & Beginner Puppies:
Grade 1 - Older Puppies:
Advanced Grade 2:
Field Intermediate:
Field Gundog:
Higher Level Retriever Spaniels & HPR's:
1-2-1 Sessions:


6 weeks
6 weeks
6 weeks
Please ring for times
Please ring for times
By special arrangement only
Help with problems you may be having or you may wish to have individual help not in a group

Contact Waggtails for a price or simply ask any questions you might have...

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