Meet The Gang 



  1. Fern Black Black Lab. Otherwise known as Pesky Puppy!! Hoping for a bright new future with this little Girl. NOW 5 YEARS OLD 


PUPPY BERTIE Has now passed his Good Citizen Puppy Assessment he scored 100% Wow Brilliant
BERTIE Has now passed all three of The Kennel Clubs Good Citizen Awards BRONZE, SILVER, & GOLD - What a clever chap! - At 2 Years Old!

I wanted to gain more experience in training, working an HPR (Hunt, Point, Retriever) so here he is as my husband calls him Albert Herbet Hawkins the naughtiest boy in the world! Not really he is gorgeous doing Great for a little 17 week old in this picture Bertie was only 10 weeks old how cute he is bless him! ON THE RIGHT OF THIS PHOTO Getting on well with his other gang members he is a joy to have around.


BERTIE- Is the most loveable of our dogs, in the family unit right now, he has his quirky ways probably the most we have ever had in a dog! using his "Can't hear you" when we all want to go to bed Bertie has other thoughts, laying on the chair will not get off until we literally have to peel Bertie off the chair! Bertie just Loves his time to sleep that can be anywhere where we are with all four legs and feet in the air!! and they are BIG! He is a 41Kg German Wirehair Pointer GWP for short. One of the Best, Funniest, Quickest dogs we have Even Owned LOVE YOU BERTIE, BERT TO PIECES!!   



PENNY       R.I.P

It is with deep regret and great sadness that we have lost our lovely, gentle, kind muma bear, and a totally cuddley bear at that, at the age of twelve and a half years. Penny started me off in the gundog world and through her came the enthusiasm to do more training and gundog competitions. We might not have done everything the right way, but we certainly had fun at trying to get it right!!. Penny was a treasured member of our Labrador gang, she had a faultless nature and was always by my side I miss her terribly. She was my foundation bitch and all good things came from her like her son Winston and her daughter Ebony. Penny is very sadly missed a dog in a million now left us to go to Rainbow Bridge where all dogs are made whole again. Run free sweet Angel untill we see you again. Sleep tight and look after P dog border collie.

....Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, But laugh and talk of me, as if I were beside you....I love you so - "twas Heaven here with you.....Isla Paschal Richardson....

Winston   R.I.P   

My Best special, beloved, courageous boy gently eased from this life on Wed 3rd June 2015 at 13 years old - He was a dog in a million, I will never have such a dog as Winston was. I was so proud of what we achieved together and will always have those memories to cherish forever. Over rainbow bridge now with mummy Penny, out of pain, where all dogs are made well again. Run free my truly loved boy - My heart is broken and a piece of me went with you that day - I saw you born and was with you till the end, sweet dreams old soldier till me meet again. Your broken hearted family.

In 2002 a litter was born and I always thought I would keep a female, I brought the special large size pedigree, and watched this litter grow into beautiful Labradors. However, this not so little male would be there every time

I called the litter, in fact he was always first, pushing his way in. You have guessed it yes he never left!! He is one dog who I can honestly say has been an absolute joy, a pleasure, at times a challenge...But its been a fantastic experience to have him and work him in gun dog tests. His awards are endless, the first one was when he was only seven months old, then fourteen months won Novice then at only 2 years old won in a open test. I am very proud of him, a dog in a million, my boy Winston here he is opposite on a Field Trial.


Ebony     R.I.P

Again with deepest regret Our Sweet, sensitive, soul Ebony was eased from this life on Wednesday 3rd AUGUST 2016. The carnival is over this is the end of my breeding line, Can not quite believe this has happen only a year ago from when darling Winston was PTS. Ebony was always by my side, never far away from me. I will miss her terribly. Ebony went down hill fast in only a matter of 2 weeks but Ebony was courageous as she seemed to not get up quite as well each day she still wanted to go with the boys on their walks bless her sweet darling Ebony. The vets x-rays showed a massive tumour on her spleen blood filled her lungs and heart with cancer around her heart too poor love I didn't know the extent of her illness I just knew Ebs was very ill. My darling out of pain sweet dreams, over Rainbow bridge and found her mummy Penny and Brother Winston to be by her side God keep them safe broken-hearted The Rain Is Falling with my Tears. - Here is my darling Ebony's story -   Ebony was noise sensitive  which caused problems with training for gun dog work. . So Ebony and I went on a different journey training her for something she would enjoy. Ebony came doing my advanced dog training module at Bishop Burton College. Ebs loves her clicker work, I call her my clicker baby at 4 weeks of age she and me were hooked!. Ebony came to my training classes, made friends with the new puppies showing them how to become a well adjusted adult like her, . Ebony came on gun dog shoots with Winston and I,  better at noise sensitivity through training using the clicker, !!. Bless Ebony she always gave 2010%

Blaze                  R.I.P.

I was lucky enough to be asked if I would like to have Blaze at a year old. Wow I was over the moon, the pedigree was a good working one, and I needed to have a working picking up dog to help my Winston on shoots. Blaze's training so far is going well, for competing in Gundog working Tests what fun we are having no awards yet it will only be a matter of time bless him! Blaze loves being in the company of my other two, and learning from Winston! He has a lovely nature and picks all his toys to bring to me! I feel truly spoiled and privilleged to have been given a chance to have Blaze the boy the fireman! he is one of our family now at just 16 months old never ceases to keep eye contact with me he is so gorgeous. Blaze now continues to be a loyal friend and a darling companion, he loves his ball on a rope and always want someone to throw it, as long as Blaze has his ball he is happy bless him! He continues to do Gundog Working Tests and is always in the cards, he works hard for me on Gundog shoots, is a pleasure to be with, and have around he too is a cuddly bear I just adore him My meme Blaze Don't forget abot Me!

My Dogs     

Are my friends, my companions, my life I love training them and they will always fascinate me with what they come up with in the way of new behaviours. Even at their ages. I am privileged to be their owner, their friend, their companion, In their family unit, my wonderful doglets bless them ALL.